Price Schedule (per night, GST not included) - 2018 / 2019

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Booking Policies

The cabin is deemed to be 'reserved' once payment is made. A telephone call is made and an email sent back to the applicant to confirm the reservation. A deposit with a credit card number is then required to hold the rental period. If a booking is made 30 days or more before the tenancy is due to start, it must be accompanied by a non-refundable deposit consisting of the first nights rent plus the taxes.  If a booking is made less than 30 days before arrival, the full rent, plus taxes, must be paid at the time of booking.   If you cancel your booking you will forfeit a minimum of one nights rent plus taxes if 30 days prior to tenancy or the complete amount if after 30 days prior to tenancy.   You have the option to change the dates of your booking subject to availability if necessary.
Once the booking is received and accepted by Kimberley Cabin, the Applicants are liable for payment of the balance of rent, plus any additional charges (taxes/package cost/cleaning fee), 30 days before the start of the tenancy. Non-payment by the due date will be treated as a cancelation and a cancelation charge will be payable.  Kimberley Cabin is not responsible for sending a reminder to the applicant, for the balance of the booking owed.
Once a booking has been accepted by Kimberley Cabin, the dates of the booking can only be changed with more than 30 days advance. The amount of the deposit will be applied against the tenants next booking.
Kimberley Cabin reserve the right to amend the prices quoted on the web site due to errors or omissions.  Payment also confirms that you have read this policy and agree to the terms.

Method of Payment

Deposits may be made with a Visa or MasterCard credit card.   Final payments can be made by Visa, MasterCard. If a booking is made within 30 days of the arrival date, payment must be made with a credit card or Paypal.   Any charges Kimberley Cabin incurs by their bank for handling dishonoured cheques will be passed on to the Applicants who are liable to reimburse Kimberley Cabin in respect of such charges within 7 days of receipt of notification.
Kimberley Cabin reserves the right to make the final decision as to acceptance of the booking.

Tenants' Obligations

The Tenants agree:
  • To care for the property as if it was their own and to respect the wishes of their private owners with respect to the policies set forth for everyone's future enjoyment.
  • Not to cause an annoyance or become a nuisance to neighbors of adjoining properties.
  • To abide by the "quiet times" listed within each cottage or property, from 10:30pm to 8:00am Monday through Sunday.
  • To pay for any losses or damages to the property, caused by the Tenant or a member of their party. These include but are not limited to carpet/floor stains, wall damage, window or window covering damage, permanent linen stains, appliance repairs due to in appropriate use or handling, dry cleaning costs associated with attempted stain removal, breakage or theft of property items, or any other damage not disclosed upon departure. (reasonable wear and tear excluded)
  • To take good care of the property and leave it in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the tenancy. A cleaning service is not provided during the tenancy unless previously arranged.   Charges for excessive cleaning will be passed on to the tenant.
  • To pay for telephone charges or internet charges (where applicable) in those properties that are equipped with such features, that are incurred during a tenancy.  Internet and long distance is free within North America.
  • To permit Kimberley Cabin or it's Agents reasonable access to the property.
  • Not to part with possession of the property, or share it, except with members of the party shown on the booking form.
  • Not to exceed the total number of people stipulated in the property description and included on the rental application.

Check in and Out Times

Check in time can be as early as 4.00 pm on the first day of the tenancy.
Check out time will be at 11.00 am on the day of departure. Departure times may be extended if requested in advance and Kimberley Cabin is able to accommodate the request. If the rental period goes beyond the check out time without prior written approval the Tenants will be liable for any cost of whatsoever nature incurred due to the unauthorized extension.

Non-availability of Property

If for any reason beyond the control of Kimberley Cabin, the property is not available on the date booked (owing to fire damage for example), or the property is unsuitable for reasonable tenancy, Kimberley Cabin will make every attempt to accommodate the applicant in a similar or better cottage or property. If Kimberley Cabin is unable to accommodate the applicant, all rent and charges paid in advance by the Applicants will be refunded in full. The Applicants though, shall have no further claim against Kimberley Cabin or their Agents. This does not apply to power outages that may occur prior to a rental commencing where the electricity supplier is in the process of restoring power or has scheduled a restoration of power within 48 hours of the rental commencing.


Kimberley Cabin does not accept liability for any act, neglect or default on the part of anyone or anything not within their employ or otherwise under their control, nor for any accident, damage, loss, injury, expense or inconvenience, whether to person or property, which the Tenants or any other person may suffer or incur arising out of, or in any way connected with the rental. In addition, Kimberley Cabin accepts no liability for loss of or damage to the Tenants' possessions within or on any adjacent land of any cottage or property managed by Kimberley Cabin.


Any complaints must be directed to a Kimberley Cabin representative immediately upon the tenants entry to their accommodation, so that an on-the-spot investigation can be made if necessary and remedial action taken if required. In no circumstances will compensation be made for complaints raised after the tenancy has ended when the Tenant has denied Kimberley Cabin the opportunity of investigating the complaint and endeavoring to put matters right during the tenancy.


Pets are not allowed.  If it is deemed that a pet was present a $500 cleaning fee will be charged to the tenant.

No Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted in the cabin including the garage. Smoking is permitted on the driveway and porch of the  property. Cigarette butts are not to be discarded onto the ground. Any property that has been smoked in will require a comprehensive special cleaning which will result in additional charges for the tenant.


Bed linens and bath towels  are provided.  Kimberley Cabin does not provide daily housekeeping services during each tenancy, unless this has been previously arranged, only between tenancies once property has been vacated. Towels for hot tubs are provided.

Peripheries Supplied by Kimberley Cabin

Kitchens are stocked in abundance with utensils, dishes, cups, small appliances, fridge, stove w/oven, dish washers, microwaves, salt, pepper, sugar, flour, dish soap and laundry soap.  Personal toiletries are not provided. 

Breach of Contract

If there shall be a breach of any of these conditions by any of the Tenants, Kimberley Cabin Cottage and Lodging Co. reserve the right to re-enter the property and terminate the tenancy without prejudice.
In case of a discrepancy between these booking conditions and the other contents of Kimberley Cabin's Web site, these conditions shall prevail.

Validity Clause

If any term or provision in these Booking Conditions shall in whole or in part be held to any extent to be illegal or unenforceable under any enactment or rule of law that term or provision or part shall to that extent be deemed not to form part of this agreement and the enforceability of the remainder of this agreement shall not be affected.